If silly stunt “records” irk you as much as they irk us, 2016 has been a rough year. This all reached what you might call a boiling point with the “world-first J-turn blindfolded” Nissan Juke stunt from earlier this month, which caused one of our own to pen a biting call for all the nuttiness to stop.

It won’t. The hits keep coming. Now there’s a two-wheeled speed record set by Nokain Tires. It led us to try and find some relief, and so we uncovered this bastion of self-proclaimed, often absurd, and usually hilarious car-related records on RecordSetter.com. Our current favorite: slowest drive through a redwood tree while listening to Hall & Oates. If the manufacturer- and supplier-produced stunts won’t stop, at least we can laugh along.

It led us to this question, which we’ll pose to you and you can answer in the comments: What automotive record, serious or silly, would you want to break? And why?

Now, please don’t go off and do anything unsafe, but definitely use your imagination in the comments.