The Lexus CT 200h is an interesting vehicle that never really caught on. It’s a sporty Prius in sleeker hatchback clothing and was aimed at the Audi A3 when it hit the market in 2011. Since then, though, the CT has averaged a meager 16,000 sales per year. For that reason, the hybrid hatch won’t be redesigned at the end of its life cycle. And according to Lexus’ European brand boss, Alain Uyttenhoven, it could be replaced by a crossover.

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While you may lament yet another CUV hitting the market, Lexus needs a small car that sells in big numbers. Uyttenhoven told Autocar the brand aims to move 100,000 units per year in Europe to “give us visibility in the market.” For 2016, European sales are on pace to hit just 70,000 units, with 10,000 of those coming from the CT 200h. He sees an opportunity for the right little Lexus based on the recent nature of the European luxury market.