When it comes to SEMA show cars, the more absurd the better, such as with the 1,040-horsepower Bisimoto Hyundai Santa Fe. That’s not the case with Acura’s custom MDX. Thiscrossover was designed to match the NSX GT3 racecar, and gets a custom trailer to tow it. However, instead of doing something awesome like dropping in the NSX’s twin-turbo V6, Acura decided the defining characteristics of the race car were the paint, splitter, and wing.

mdx-ghs3268-retouched-1 mdxgt3-sema-01-1

So that’s what the MDX and trailer got. In addition to a matching white paint scheme with orange and black accents, the SUV wears a massive front splitter that looks like a shelf stuck close to the ground. It’s the only aero modification on the vehicle, and it just looks silly, what with the massive gap between the base of the bumper and the splitter itself. There aren’t any performance modifications on this SUV either, except the lowered suspension, so the only thing the splitter is likely to do is break off on the first mildly steep driveway it comes across.
To complement the MDX’s dubious aero aid, the custom trailer gets a “wing” at the back. Actually, it looks like Acura slapped some endplates on the back to give it a wing look. The trailer also gets running boards that extend the splitter along the side. Maybe it all works together to keep the trailering rig planted. But probably not.

If Acura wants suggestions for next time, we suggest a mid-engined MDX, or perhaps one with a wild hybridsystem. We’ll call this a missed opportunity.

Source: http://www.autoblog.com/